Vibrant, culturally diverse, and rich in history, Stamford is known for its booming economy, major transportation center, thriving downtown district, and a solid national reputation for health and safety. 

Over the years, Stamford’s neighborhoods have grown and changed to meet the needs of its residents and visitors. 

Stamford is the third largest city in Connecticut. It is made up of approximately 45 distinct neighborhoods, including 2 historic districts. Stamford possesses four islands in Long Island Sound: Grass Island, Greenway Island, Jack Island and Vincent Island. 

Stamford is the only large city in Connecticut with significant population growth over the last 18 years with 12,000 new residents since 1990 and 5,000 new housing units. Stamford is projected to add up to15,000 more residents over the next 10 years. 

—The Heart of the City Stamford’s Downtown offers a bustling business district, high-end residences, and dozens of art and cultural amenities, eateries and retail shops. Stamford Town Center contains130 shops and restaurants. Downtown is home to restaurants, 4 major hotels, and 18 movie screens. 

Stamford’s East side enjoys consistent population growth with easy access to Interstate 95. Fitness and recreation facilities as well as fun eateries and fresh food markets are numerous on the East Side. 

Stamford Hospital in the largest institution in the neighborhood and will embark on a $575 million expansion this year. Pellicci’s Italian restaurant is family-owned since 1947. 

The South End of Stamford is rapidly growing due to recent development. Surrounded by water on three sides , most of the neighborhood has been designated as the South End Historic District which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The South End includes gourmet restaurants, residences, and businesses. 

There is a large shopping district near North Stamford and also nearby on Newfield Avenue, and in downtown Springdale. North Stamford is also home to science and nature museums.
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